Wheels On My Back

02 - The Neurodiversity Paradigm & The Neurodiversity Movement

April 20, 2021 Jess Edelstein
Wheels On My Back
02 - The Neurodiversity Paradigm & The Neurodiversity Movement
Show Notes

The Neurodiversity Movement

On episode 2, I discuss the neurodiversity paradigm and the social justice movement associated with depathologizing neurodivergences. 

In other words, I talk about why society needs a shift in perspective around autism and ADHD with the help from a November 2020 interview with Nick Walker, PhD on Liebertpub titled “Towards a Neuroqueer Future”.

There’s a LOT of information packed into this half hour, which serves as an overview/crash course to familiarize listeners with topics that will continue to come up on the podcast and honestly, topics I want you to be aware of whether you’re neurodivergent yourself or know/work with/parent/teach somebody who is. 

I also introduce an idea I have that perhaps antivaxers could pivot to neurodiversity advocacy, which may not be the hot take I think it is but shared just in case ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Plus, commentary on the upcoming Color The Spectrum fundraiser and why neurodiversity advocates are NOT happy about it (#nothingaboutuswithoutus!!!)

Thanks for listening! And thank you for being <3


Jess Edelstein is an award-winning entrepreneur (Shark Tank, Forbes 30 Under 30, EY Winning Women), #actualyautistic neurodiversity advocate, mental health enthusiast, meditator, dog lover, Broadway geek, soap maker, idealist, and in general a multi-passionate nerd inspired by making the world a safer place for all. She’ll talk your ear off if you let her, so starting a podcast just made sense. She likes it when things make sense. Unlike writing her own bio in the third person. Why is this even a thing? Ok I’m gonna stop typing n